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B12 Injections


We offer a 20 week B12 program and the cost is $200.  This includes your doctor visit, 1 shot and a 20 week supply of medication, syringes and alcohol swabs mailed directly to your home in a sterile kit.

One doctor visit is required per year.

 Our B 12 program include your vial of B12, syringes, alcohol swabs, instructions, and access to our medical professionals at Healthy Life Medical

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About the Program

Healthy Life Medical offers B12 injections at our Casselberry, FL location.  B12 injections are safe for everyone our  trained  staff will ensure that your B 12 injections are painless we are available to provide B 12 injections in Casselberry Florida. B 12 injections in Casselberry Florida may help prevent cancer vitamin B 12 is now being studied as a way to help lower risk of certain kinds of cancers B 12 injections help benefit the immune system B 12 injections are also needed in order to produce Nucleic acid  which is the basic material that is used to create our entire body B 12 offers  important  nutrients  and also plays a critical role in cell reproduction 

 You can get B 12 injections in Casselberry  Florida at  Healthy Life Medical.

We offer B 12 injections in Casselberry Florida B12 injections help maintain healthy energy levels B12 injections in Casselberry Florida also help prevent memory loss and lower the risks of Nero degenerative diseases B12 injections also boost mood  you can find  B 12 injections in Casselberry Florida at Healthy Life Medical.

B 12 can help play important part in maintaining heart health B12 injections are especially important for those in Casselberry Florida exposed to the sun and could benefit from healthier skin and hair  B 12 is recommended for patients with anemia  to help produce more red blood cells B12 injections are available in Casselberry Florida for anyone 18 years of age and older.

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